Coca-Cola gets New-Age-y with Fruitopia; will other marketers follow? LOOPY ON FRUIT; A THRILLER FOR NIKE

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Loopy on fruit

Contest #414: Moon rocks. Astral projection. Yanni. And now, Fruitopia.

Sure, Coca-Cola's entry into fruity non-colas will also appeal to the sans-soda pop and anti-Snapple crowd, but Fruitopia sounds too New Age-y, too loopy, too .*.*. well, fruity. Fruitopia promises to be the official drink of the next harmonic convergence rally, but if sales for the spacy beverage soar out of this world, will the likes of Frito-Lay and McDonald's be far behind?

T.N.T.ers: come up with the next food/beverage/or fast-food marketer to market a New Age food product, and tell us its name.

A thriller for Nike

And now for the results of Contest #410: we asked you for the next Nike advertising/PR campaign in support of Michael Jackson (a la Tonya Harding) and you beat us up with:

First Prize: In a spot, Michael Jackson hands out Nike shoes to underprivileged children. One of these kids is bit taller than the rest and sports a 5 o'clock shadow. ... it's Dennis Hopper! He takes an ecstatic whiff of the Nikes and says, "These shoes are among thousands that Mike and Nike are donating to needy kids. (Sniff) You know what Michael is doing? Good things, man. (Sniff) Good things." John Gardner, instructor, University of South Dakota, Vermillion.

Second Prize: Nike supports Michael Jackson's innocence by sponsoring the "I Just (Didn't) Do It" music tour. Special guests: Lyle and Eric Menendez, John Wayne Bobbitt and Tonya Harding. Tom Cunningham, copywriter, Sigma Marketing Group, Rochester, N.Y.

Third Prize: Nike donates eight cents to the Michael Jackson Defense Fund for every pair of its new "Air PedoFoot" alarm shoes for kids. When the shoe senses danger, lights flash, bells ring and a stern voice warns, "You are too close to the child. Please move away from the child." Jack Huber, proofreader, Kingswood Advertising, Ardmore, Pa.

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