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Coke's Polar Bears Return
Marketer: Coca-Cola
Brand: Coca-Cola
Title: "Artic Beach Party"
Agency: Berlin Cameron & Partners, New York

First created in 1993, the Coca-Cola Christmas polar bears have become one of the country's most beloved advertising series. The latest version, which features a bears-meet-but-don't-eat-the-penguins theme, is Berlin Cameron's final creative project for the beverage giant. The agency has been replaced on the account by Wieden & Kennedy of Portland, Ore.

Really BIG Christmas
Marketer: Sears
Brand: Sears
Title: "Big World"
Agency: Y&R, Chicago

The gargantuan size of the products in this new holiday commercial underscores Sears' claim that it offers holiday shoppers the 'Biggest Gifts.' Here we see cake mixers the size of refrigerators, diamond rings as big as truck tires and digital cameras as large as washing machines. It hardly bigger than that.

This Year's Virgin Spot
Client: Virgin Mobile
Brand: Virgin Mobile
Title: "Silent Night"
Agency: Fallon Worldwide
Riding the buzz generated by its highly touted 'Chrismahanukwanzakah' campaign last year, Virgin Mobile has released the 2005 version of its all-holidays-in-one spot. But it's a single-character piece that happens in a doorway and conveys none of the rich texture or zany humor that made the original so lovable.

Last Year's Virgin Spot
Client: Virgin Mobile
Brand: Virgin Mobile
Title: "We're All Snowflakes"
Agency: Fallon Worldwide

Last year's 'Chrismahanukwanzakah' took viewers into a quirky world where ethnic differences all come together in communal joy over the many ways people celebrate the high winter holiday.

Deleting a Boyfriend
Marketer: Nokia
Brand: Nokia
Title: "Jill/Break Up"
Agency: Grey Worldwide

Illustrating a new truism of the wireless age is this monologue by a women ticking off all the steps involved in breaking up with a boyfriend. The last, and most meaningful, she points out with a delicious sense of revenge, is the ritual deleting of the offending male's contact information from her cell phone.

Lighting Up Kmart
Marketer: Kmart
Brand: Kmart
Title: "Tangle"
Agency: Grey Worldwide

Well, the spot's a bit trite but nevertheless effective. Accompanied by his cute dog, a typical, and quite clumsy, American male tries to untangle hopeless knots from his string of Christmas tree lights. Of course, he could have avoided the problem had he bought Kmart's pre-lit artificial tree.

Gatorade Precision
Marketer: Quaker Oats
Brand: Gatorade
Title: "Winning Formula"
Agency: Element 79 Partners, Chicago

Making scientific precision a new point in its hype, Gatorade warns viewers: 'If you're a fraction off, it can change everything.' That admonition is illustrated with what-if scenarios from the world of basketball, football and baseball of big games that were lost instead of won. And you thought it was just a brightly colored sports drink.

Lava Lamp Finance
Marketer: Fidelity
Brand: Fidelity
Title: "Lava Lamp"
Agency: Arnold, Boston

The fluid action in this spot is a computer animation from Rhinofx in New York and designed to promote Fidelity's retirement plans. However, the sound track, featuring the 1968 Zombies' hit 'Time of the Season' along with the hypnotic close-up of the lava globs, is more likely to make many old timers wonder if they still have some rolling papers shoved away in a drawer somewhere.

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