Coke studies Pam's curves

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Coca-Cola Co. said it is "carefully studying" the Virgin Cola Co.'s launch in the U.K. of a curved 500ml bottle named after "Baywatch" actress Pamela Anderson before deciding whether the bottle violates its trademark. Last September Coca-Cola was awarded the U.K.'s first three-dimensional trademark, giving it the right to make and sell its contour bottle in the U.K.

The Virgin bottle, which Virgin calls the Pammy, will hit U.K. shelves this month. Later in the year, the Pammy "will make history," according to Virgin, with the launch of a limited edition, 375ml glass bottle with the engraved signature of Pamela Anderson.

A Coca-Cola spokesman in London said, "The contour shape is closely associated with Coca-Cola in people's minds. We are studying the situation carefully."

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