Colgate ads OKd

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Australia's Advertising Standards Council has dismissed complaints about a controversial Colgate-Palmolive ad campaign for UV Sunscreen. The TV commercials were pulled by the company last month following press reports about complaints the commercials were racist, ethnocentric and irresponsible.

Created by Young & Rubicam, Sydney, they featured a number of black Caribbean men joking about their melanin levels and the dangers of sun damage to fair skin. In one spot, the black presenter squirts UV on the pink-white soles of his feet and, laughing, says, "It's better to be safe than sorry." After news appeared that the ads were pulled, Australian newspapers were flooded with letters of protest and columnists had a field day deriding the action. In dismissing the complaints, the ASC said the ads were "a humorous and interesting way of communicating an issue of concern." But Colgate officials in Australia have not said whether the commercials will be reinstated.

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