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"I always thought the best thing about Lee was his instinct for consumers. For an art director, he's a damn good planner."

--Bill Westbrook, president and creative director, Fallon McElligott

"At the height of my creative partnership with commercial director Joe Sedelmaier (`Where's the Beef?'), I asked him, are there any creative people you admire? `Yes, one,' he said. `Lee Clow.' I've hated Lee ever since."

-- Cliff Freeman, chairman-chief creative officer, Cliff Freeman & Partners

"Lee Clow's heart has been pumping this sorry industry full of inspiration for longer than most of its practitioners have been alive. He is a giant. He is the real thing. He is f------ indefatigable. I hate him."

--Dan Wieden, president, Wieden & Kennedy

"He's one of the last living legends. I've only worked with him once, but it was a great experience for me. He's really assured and peaceful, and you trust his judgment. There are a lot of people out there with great reputations but bad judgment, but Lee has good instincts. And he's not there just to sell something -- he wants to make to make a creative statement at the same time."

--Joe Pytka, commercial director, Pytka Inc.

"Over the past 25 years I have marveled at Lee's integrity, leadership, passion and talent. But nothing compares to what he has achieved over the past year. He continues to be a constant inspiration to me."

--Rick Boyko, president and chief creative officer, Ogilvy & Mather

"Has it been because Lee had to prove he could do it without Jay Chiat? Has it been because he felt he had to prove the merger with TBWA hadn't tarnished Chiat/Day's image? Has it been because he was introduced at APG's 1995 planning conference as `the creative director of the '80s'? Whatever it is that's goaded Lee Clow, it's not only lifted his agency, it's lifted the whole damned industry."

--Marty Cooke, executive creative director, Merkley Newman Harty

"I've seen him be trustworthy, loyal, helpful -- all 12 points of the Boy Scout motto AND still win big accounts AND still have the best reel in advertising over the last 25 years AND still have the admiration of everyone he meets, so in answer to the question about what role I'd see him playing in the business today, I'd say role model/Great Cahuna/Teddy Roosevelt and the guy you hope isn't pitching the business your agency wants."

--Mark Fenske, creative director, Bomb Factory

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