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It probably won't mean the return of actor-spokesman Billy Dee Williams, but G. Heileman Brewing Co. is bringing Colt 45 back to W.B. Doner & Co. after a four-year absence.

The move back to Doner comes as part of a major revamp of Heileman's advertising and agency assignments in the wake of ownership and management changes earlier this year.

Heileman late last month dropped Chicago agencies Eisaman, Johns & Laws and Killian & Wallace, parceling out their assignments to Doner, Baltimore and Southfield, Mich., and the Richards Group, Dallas (AA, Aug. 29).

Brands marketed by Heileman also include Rainier and Henry Weinhard in the Northwest, Lone Star in Texas and Old Style and Special Export in the Midwest.

Doner also picks up Special Export beer and all Heileman's other malt liquors. Richards adds Old Style to its stable.

Senior VP-marketing Jim Dwyer said that while new CEO Russell Cleary was "delighted" with the switch to Doner, he neither made nor pushed the move.

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