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Companion Animal Placement: "Unconditional" (Suburban Advertising; Lovinger Cohn, production company; Paul Goldman, director; :30) Here's an interesting demo spot promoting an animal adoption service. A paunchy, middle-aged man comes home and greets his affectionate mutt. As the dog stays close by his side, he doffs his suit, puts on a bra, slips on a wig and dress and applies rouge with a trowel. He's hideously ready for a night on the town, but its clear his tail-wagging companion hasn't copped an attitude about cross-dressing. An unconventional approach to what could be a very maudlin appeal.

U.K. Ministry of Sound: "Homophobe" (BMP DDB Needham, London; Produktion, London, director Dominic Murphy; :45). In this riveting, documentary-style campaign, real-looking people (some of the spots used "person-in-the-street" interviews, others used professonial actors) address an unseen interviewer as they talk about Britain's social ills. In this spot, a man talks about how homosexuals are like tropical plants trying to adapt to a temperate zone. They can't survive because they're in an unnatural state, he remarks, suggesting that maybe there could be "special centers" set up, "where you could get them [gays] back into the mainstream, so to speak." Endframe: "Use your vote. You know he'll use his."

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