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Conde Net's new director Sarah Chubb works from a 37th floor office that faces a mammoth Pepsi-Cola sign tacked to a Queens warehouse. But she doesn't have time to stare out across the East River, daydreaming about new advertisers.She has plenty in hand, with marketers like Delta Airlines launching on CN Traveler while foodie site Epicurious mounts brands like Virtual Vineyards, MCI, Lincoln-Mercury and Pacific Bell in the coming weeks.

Ms. Chubb also plans on soon launching a site related to "youth culture." While industry sources speculate such a site would have to include Mademoiselle and Details, among other titles, Ms. Chubb describes the new brand as one that will bow this summer with an "appeal to the college market."

"As we go forward with new products, we see Epicurious as the model, with 80% original content, and branded areas living within the site inside our properties." Epicurious bundles content from titles Gourmet and Bon Appetit.During first quarter Ms. Chubb has adjusted to the business that Conde Nast veteran Rochelle Udell, now editor of Self, and Deanna Brown, now editor of Conde Nast Sports for Women crafted before her.

One option for advertisers she'd like to continue offering in the coming weeks: advertorial, or, "a creative ad unit that bridges the space between our brand and the advertiser's." Robert Mondavi Winery bought into the model by purchasing select terms of Epicurious's search database, so that a banner reading "Robert Mondavi Winery Suggests..." leads to a page on Epicurious containing wine tips for cooks choosing specific types of dishes. Royal Caribbean becomes the first advertorial marketer to appear on CN Traveler, and made the buy after working with print representatives at Conde Nast Publications on magazine deals. Royal Caribbean's area launches in May.

Prices are based on cost-per-production and pages for advertorials are created in-house at Conde Net.

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