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A timeline of AT&T history

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1877: Bell Telephone Co. is formed

1885: The American Telephone & Telegraph Co. is formed

1908: AT&T's first national ad campaign launches: "One System, One Policy, Universal Service."

1984: Courts break up "Ma Bell," forming seven regional Bell Operating companies

1993: AT&T acquires McCaw Cellular Communications and renames it AT&T Wireless.

2000: SBC and Bell South form a 60/40 joint venture named Cingular from 11 smaller wireless companies

2004: Cingular acquires AT&T Wireless for $41 billion, making Cingular the nation's No. 1 carrier. Cingular spends more than $300 million to relaunch the merged company with the line "Raising the bar." The AT&T Wireless name reverts to AT&T which announces plans to relaunch a new AT&T Wireless service.

2005: SBC buys AT&T for $16 billion and launches a $1 billion ad campaign to relaunch the "new" AT&T with the tagline: "Your world. Delivered."

2006: AT&T buys Bell South for $67 billion and announces plans (pending government approval) to rebrand Cingular with the AT&T name
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