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Continental Airlines: "Continental Espa¤ol"

Bromley, Aguilar & Associates, San Antonio

Creative Director: Federico Traeger

Art Director: George Ybarra, J.C. Pagan

Copywriter: Pablo Ragazzi

Producer: Mike Cevallos

Production Company Director: Jim Richie, Ashe Bowie Films

Composer/Arranger: Danny Levin, Tequila Mockingbird

Continental -- which has to fight off behemoths American Airlines and United Airlines in the Latin American market -- touches on a very important issue for Latin travelers: language. For Latin travelers, who often feel slighted by U.S. carriers, personal attention and language skills are major criteria.

"Every week we fly 445 times to 32 Latin American cities, giving you our personalized attention in your own language -- on board and on the ground," the voice-over in the Continental commercial relates. Meanwhile, a visual of a curvy tilde glides down onto a loop of the word "Espanol," backed by the background sound effects of a plane landing.

When the tilde comes to a stop over a tilde-less "n," the words Volamos en ("We fly in") fade in to complete the phrase -- Volamos en Espanol ("We fly in Spanish"). A flight attendant's voice chimes in "Continental welcomes you" as the title card fades into the Continental logo and an adaptation of Continental's tagline, "Work hard. Fly right."

Honorable Mention

Money Gram: "Blue Santa"

Del Rivero Messianu, Coral Gables, Fla.

Creative Director: Luis Miguel Messianu

Producer: Aidita Urra-Alamo

Production Company Producer: Simon Bross

This alternative Santa -- dressed in the same blue as the MoneyGram logo -- makes a play on the word "mandar," which in Spanish can mean "to send" or "to rule."

The tagline, "Con MoneyGram, Usted Manda," can translate to "With MoneyGram, you send," or "With MoneyGram, you rule."

In the spot, Santa, whose lounging in a chair beside a Christmas tree, pouts, "I was always sending stuff for Christmas. I send a gift, a toy.

"But now, no one sends me letters. With MoneyGram, they all think they're Santa Claus," he says.

After a quick pitch for MoneyGram's Mexican money wiring, Santa returns: "Let's

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