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Headquarters: Newark, N.J.

Estimated revenues: $116 million for 1994.

Leadership: Byron Hogue, chairman; Danny Wright, president; Dave Bell, VP-strategic planning; Codie Bell, chief financial officer; Heinz Buck, VP-maintenance; Beth Mack, VP-sales and marketing.

Ad spending: Projected $6 million for 1995, up 50% from $4 million in 1994.

Agency: Gianettino & Meredith, Short Hills, N.J.

Recent changes: A bloody ouster of co-founder Bob Iverson, as chairman, CEO and president, has sparked speculation that the troubled airline is fighting for survival. Kiwi probably grew too fast, although plans were for controlled growth. The airline, which prides itself on being employee-owned, was not adequately capitalized to face tough times.

1995 challenges: Stabilize the airline. Bring Kiwi back to profitability. All routes and operations will be fully analyzed. An outside cash infusion is likely, despite some opposition from employee-investors.

Source: Advertising Age and company reports

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