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Headquarters: Rochester, N.Y.

Sales: Estimated at $13.4 billion for 1994, post-divestiture.

Leadership: George M.C. Fisher, chairman, president and CEO; Leo J. Thomas, president of imaging group; Dick Bourns, exec VP of imaging group.

U.S. ad spending: $56.4 million for film, cameras and accessories in 1993, $23.5 million for the first six months of 1994.

Lead agency: J. Walter Thompson USA, New York.

Recent success: New leadership. Debt ratings improved after selling many assets. Landed sponsorship of 1998 Winter Olympics in Nagano, Japan-Fuji's territory. Single-use camera sales are strong with Kodak's share of the market at 72%.

Challenges: Analysts say earnings are not impressive. A mid-October internal memo about fourth quarter deep cost-cutting-from research and development to office supplies-depressed stock prices and employees alike. More cost-cutting may be on the way.

Source: Advertising Age and company reports

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