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He's the Bruce Jenner of extreme sports, but don't expect to see Biker Sherlock on a Wheaties box any time soon.

The adrenaline athlete, who wears his wavy blond hair past his shoulders, is a fan favorite at events such as the Gravity Games. He's racked up medals in a variety of sports, including street luge and downhill skateboarding.

He's also a study in contradictions, one part counterculture rebel and one part shrewd marketer.

The 32-year-old -- a New Jersey native born Michael De Carlo Sherlock -- was penalized at the Gravity Games after he pushed another competitor off a skateboard. But the brouhaha surrounding the shove didn't slow him down; he went on to nab four medals during the festival.

Biker Sherlock has an eclectic life, as demonstrated in his eight-page resume, which lists several different titles: downhill skateboarder, luge pilot, sport organizer and stuntman. The one that fits him best: entrepreneur. Within the alternative sports community, he's said to make a small mint from his side business, selling bongs.

When he's not touring head shops, or skateboarding down hills at speeds up to 70 mph, Biker Sherlock can usually be found running his street luge and skateboard equipment company -- Dregs.

"I'm not just a crazy athlete," he said during an interview at the Gravity Games.

Mr. Sherlock is also the founder, owner and president of Extreme Downhill International, a sanctioning body that governs downhill skateboarding and street luge events. It was this body that made the controversial shoving call on its boss during the Gravity Games.

Despite his somewhat edgy image, he also has a budding career as a product endorser, having cut deals with Converse, South Beach Beverage Co., DSO Sunglasses and Zolar. Now he's walking the line between marketing pitchman and extreme sports bandit.

"Some say when you get sponsored, you're a sellout. You're not," said Mr. Sherlock. "As long as you don't change the way you are or the way you reflect yourself for your sponsors, then you're not a sellout. You have to stay true to

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