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Color me fruity.

Binney & Smith has developed Crayola Magic Scent crayons that make artwork smell like fruit, flowers and fresh air.

Sniffty, an animated nose, introduces the crayons in a national TV spot that broke late in July from Avrett, Free & Ginsberg, New York.

Among the 16 aromas are rose, lime, cherry, coconut and fresh air. The crayons don't smell, but the pictures drawn with them do.

"We made sure the crayons didn't smell," said Brad Drexler, media communications manager. "We don't want to encourage kids to put crayons in their mouth."

The crayons contain microencapsulated fragrances that emit a scent when rubbed against surfaces.

Not everyone is thrilled. Richard M. Kessel, executive director of the New York state Consumer Protection Board, doesn't think kids will catch on and last week demanded the crayons be removed from the market because they pose a danger to kids who might try to eat them.

Mr. Drexler, citing his company's 90 years of making safe products, said: "We have unrefutable evidence from research and testing that indicate the crayons are safe."

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