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Fan Leaps Onto Race Car
Marketer: Nextel
Brand: FanScan Service
Title: "Eavesdrop"
Agency: TBWA/Chiat/Day, New York

A commercial sure to warm the cockles of every motorhead's heart, this spot shows a crazed fan leaping onto the top of a speeding race car. There, he presses his ear to a drinking glass in an effort to eavesdrop on the driver through the roof. The pitch is for Nextel's new FanScan subscription phone service that allows fans to hear the live radio communications between Nascar drivers and their pit crews during races.

Used Guitar Geeks
Marketer: Chicago Music Exchange
Brand: Chicago Music Exchange
Title: "Exit"
Agency: Element 79, Chicago

The Chicago Music Exchange, which specializes in the sale of vintage rock instruments, has launched a TV ad campaign aimed at the very soul of guitar geeks. Directed by Chelsea Pictures' Evan Bernard, it is as funny as it is authentic in its treatment of the many emotional chords touched by America's most hallowed rock concert traditions.

Truthful Car Dealer
Marketer: Walsh Chevrolet, Atlanta
Brand: Walsh Chevrolet
Title: "Too Honest"
Agency: Meyer & Wallis, Milwaukee

Atlanta business woman Lisa Walsh recently opened a Chevrolet dealership and wanted a regional TV ad campaign that would set her apart. She got it. This spot, about the encounter of a 'too honest' car dealer with a local traffic patrolman, will have her audience talking about her for months.

Packaging Memories
Marketer: American Airlines
Brand: American Airlines
Title: "Empacados"
Agency: Zubi Advertising, Miami

This luminous work from Zubi speaks volumes without using any words. Although aimed at a U.S. Hispanic audience, its visual references to family reunions and personal joy work for viewers of any cultural group who have ever taken a plane trip home.

Phone Rap
Marketer: Boost Mobile
Brand: Boost Mobile Phones
Title: "Anthem"
Agency: Berlin Cameron/Red Cell

Boost Mobile's strategy of mixing rap celebrity with phone technology to create must-have status products is nowhere better demonstrated than in this TV spot, which suggests the sound quality of its phones is so good that performers like Ludacris can record album tracks via their mobile phones from park benches and moving cars.

Exotic Dangers
Marketer: Land Rover
Brand: Land Rover
Title: "Sumo," "Karaoke" and "Skydive"
Agency: Y&R Advertising

Adopting an increasingly popular integrated advertising strategy, Land Rover has created a collection of preposterous TV spots solely designed to drive viewers to a Web site -- There, visitors learn that "AQ" means "Adventure Quotient" and that Land Rover has a vehicle for you no matter what yours is.

Motor Oil Painter
Marketer: Valvoline
Brand: MaxLife Oil
Title: "John White, Artist"
Agency: Border Perrin Norrander, Portland, Ore.

Adding a new twist to the concept of artist oils, this spot for MaxLife motor lubricant takes place in the studio of painter John White, who works in water colors and acrylics. But while standing next to a classic sports car in his garage, he points out that he also works in Valvoline oils when his vintage vehicle requires it. MaxLife is designed for old cars with more than 75,000 miles.

Asolut Street Art
Marketer: Absolut
Brand: Absolut
Title: "David Ellis, Artist"
Agency: TBWA/Chiat/Day

In another take on the artists-hawking-products theme, Absolut has enlisted a number of street artists to each decorate a gigantic vodka bottle commercial. The daylong projects are compacted into 30-second spots via time-lapse photography. The campaign promotes Absolut's new raspberry-flavored vodka.

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