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Client: Britches

Agency: DeVito/Verdi

Director: Bob Giraldi, Giraldi/Suarez Productions

In this category, attitude is worth its weight in sales. And in less capable hands, this spot for Britches casual wear could easily have been nothing but hip people wearing hip clothes. You know, the "if this is you, these are your clothes" kind.

But this spot makes a much crisper point. As we see a group of very uncomfortable-looking kids in private school uniforms, a VO observes, "If you ask us, it's the private school kids who are underprivileged." That gives Britches clothes more attitude than 2,000 feet of cool-looking footage ever could. It's a simple idea and agreat spot.

Client: Canada Dry Agency: FCB/Chicago

Director: Stock: Scott Larson, Brad Berg, FCB. Product footage: Todd Klein, George Grigus, Silent Partner Films

You've got to give the creatives credit. This spot for Canada Dry ginger ale isn't your basic collection of refreshment shots. Culled almost entirely from nature stock footage, it's like a "Wild Kingdom" episode with a refreshment sound effects track laid against it: Glacial ice falling into a lake represents ice cubes plunking into a glass; a whale spouting water is a pull tab snapping open; a waterfall is the pour shot; and a contented wolf, the obligatory refreshed drinker.

The imagery certainly makes the point that Canada Dry tastes natural, but does a wolf make you want a ginger ale? Only if a polar bear made you want a Coke.


Client: Data General Agency: Pagano Schenck & Kay

Director: Jan Kounen, Gedeon Productions, Paris

This spot, which promises Data General has the right tools for the job, is a demo of sorts. The only problem is that it's not a demonstration of Data General's capabilities-rather, it's a slapstick kind of demonstration of how frustrating a job can be when you use the wrong tool. It shows a man who attempts to trim an elaborate hedge garden using the blades of a helicopter. Though nicely produced and quite entertaining, when it's over we don't what Data General's tools are. We know only that we should never trim a hedge with a helicopter.

Client: Diesel

Agency: Paradiset Advertising, Stockholm

You see the old people in this ad wearing bathing suits? That says it's hot outside. You see the young people sitting in the heat dressed from head to toe in Diesel clothes? That says they're cool. And the way we see it, that's all you have to say.

Client: Glenfiddich

Agency: McCann-Erickson/New York

OK. Say the image of Glenfiddich was a venerable old single malt scotch whisky from one of Scotland's oldest distilleries, for distinguished old gentlemen in studded leather chairs who can appreciate the subtleties of its complex taste.

And say the idea here was to change that image to a much more contemporary libation for a much more contemporary drinker that's suitable for much more contemporary drinking occasions.

OK, then this ad with its slick, sexy graphics makes perfect sense. But what do we drink on Thursdays and Saturdays?

Client: Polygram Video Agency: Kevin Roddy/Taras Wayner (freelance)

Executionally, this ad for Polygram Video is a stopper. It's simple, clean and contemporary. The message, however is dated. Are there really people out there who don't know what the buttons on a VCR are for? So, what's the news? There must be a more contemporary reason to watch movies on video. The creatives did

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