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A few film studios have started producing original Internet video ads, and are finding their efforts perform outstandingly better than other creative.

Walt Disney Studios produced a 30-second online ad for "The Pacifier," which it released at the same time the TV ads ran in early March. "Pacifier" star Vin Diesel speaks to the site visitor with full awareness that he is in an online ad. The buttons bordering the ad invite the user to activate downloads and a video of the TV promotion. Of the people who watched the Web-specific footage, over 80% watched it for 22.5 seconds. Only 44% watched the TV spot replayed online for that long, said Chris Young, founder of online-video-production company Klipmart Corp. "Pacifier was No. 1 at the box office that weekend it opened," he said.

Dimension Films ran a reformatted TV spot for "Sin City," but added interactive elements. The ad ran in the top position on Web sites-usually a dismal spot for placements because viewers have become conditioned to block that messaging out, said Ian Schafer, president of interactive agency Deep Focus, which did the online creative. When a viewer arrives at a Web site, the commercial appears as silent video footage. A button on the ad says, "Rollover to Expand." Sweeping the mouse over the banner causes the ad to expand to a large format, high-quality ad with full motion and sound.

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