Creativity's interactive favorites

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1 Audi 'Art of the Heist'

Agency: McKinney, Durham, N.C.

A stolen 2006 A3 takes center stage in a captivating alternate-reality game. The immersive storyline played out in a TV spot and led viewers to a series of online and real life destinations.

2 Pepsi One 'Oneify'

Agencies: TBWA/Chiat/Day, Los Angeles and Tequila, Los Angeles

Pepsi's one-calorie cola shuns flashy TV spots in favor of flash-animated Webisodes, outdoor ads and must-attend social events, all centered around a cast of iconic characters designed by artist Geoff McFetridge.

3 Brawny 'Innocent Escapes'

Agency: Fallon, New York

The ever-accommodating Brawny Man stokes the flames of feminine desire in TV spots like "Happy Birthday" and the customizable fantasies of the "Innocent Escapes" Web site.

4 Miller 'Milwaukee's Best'

Agency: Mother, New York

Drinkers of Milwaukee's Best Light wallow in the testosterone-filled excesses of a Maxim-like Web site, the main attraction being a set of animated mini-games that puts your manliness to the test.

5 Snickers 'Snickers Satisfies'

Agency: Atmosphere BBDO, New York

Visitors to the "Snickers Satisfies" Web site are treated to a new, enormously entertaining interactive experiences every day, from blowing the toupee off a bald man with a fan to slapping a lawyer silly.

6 Sega 'Monkeyball'

Agency: Mekanism, San Francisco

To tout the virtues of Sega's Super Monkey Ball Deluxe video game, a series of six videos followed the adventures of Chad, a gaming fanatic who chooses to spend his life within the confines of a big plastic bubble.

7 Method 'Come Clean'

Agency: Crispin Porter & Bogusky, Miami

The Cannes Grand Prix winning Web site offers visitors a clean slate-literally. After typing in a confession or dirty secret, your sin appears on a pair of virtual hands before being washed away forever in a virtual sink.

8 Comcast 'Comcastic'

Agency: Goodby, Silverstein & Partners, San Francisco

The power of Comcast's On Demand digital cable service is demonstrated through an online experience that hands control over one of five puppets to the user.

9 Xbox 360 'Perfect Dark Zero'

Agency: AKQA, San Francisco

A multi-pronged viral campaign to generate buzz for the highly-anticipated Perfect Dark Zero video game spins an intricate web of e-mail, online and mobile-phone elements that fully immerses viewers in the world of the game.

10 Absolut 'Metropolis'

Agency: Great Works, Stockholm, Sweden

The unique personalities of Tokyo's underground fashion scene reinterpret the legendary vodka brand, and their innovative creations are captured by famed Absolut photographer Nadav Kandar and put on display online.

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