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The school-bus-yellow poster contains a cutaway view of a man's respiratory system overprinted in white. Then the text, in black sans-serif type: "Look at it this way. The more you exercise, the healthier your lungs, the more you can smoke."

This unconventional message is for Crunch Fitness Centers and the poster, part of Crunch's "No Judgements" campaign, has been selected as Advertising Age's Best Out-of-Home Advertising of 1997.

The campaign for New York-based Crunch was done by the New York office of DDB Needham Worldwide; the posters appeared on phone kiosks and in Crunch's centers.

The DDB Needham creative team included Mike Rogers, executive creative director; Marc Schattner, creative director; Tom DelMundo, art director; and Erhan Erdem, copywriter.

A second Crunch poster, "Plain Fat," also was selected as one of the best in the Out-of-Home category. Done by the same creative team, it was of a similar design. Overprinted on an illustration of a pig was the copy: "With a proper regimen of diet and exercise, we can get you from obese to just plain fat."

Other winners:

California Dept. of Health Services: "Bob, I've got emphysema."(Asher & Partners, Los Angeles). Faux Marlboro outdoor board depicts two Stetson-wearing cowboys on horseback against a western backdrop with one telling the other that he has emphysema. Everything about the presentation -- except the message -- looks like an ad for Marlboro cigarettes.

Callard & Bowser/Suchard: "Scream" ( Leo Burnett Co., Chicago). Another execution in the long-running and much-honored campaign for Altoids, "the curiously strong mints." Poster's copy, "Refreshes your breath while you scream," appears above an Altoids tin against a light-green background.

Santa Monica Art Museum: "Art Never Goes . . ." ( BBDO Worldwide, Los Angeles). Part of a campaign to freshen the museum's image by comparing it favorably to TV, this execution takes off on the long-running show "Wheel of Fortune" by spelling out ART NEVER GOES INTO SYNDICATION in boxes in the manner of the game show.

Minnesota Motorcycle Safety Center: "Cheese Grater" (Martin/Williams, Minneapolis). Photo-like illustration shows a highway that looks like a cheese grater, with the chilling copy line: "There's nothing quite like the feel of the open road."

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