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Continuing revelations about the investigation into the death of JonBenet Ramsey moved the tale to the top of Cover Story for February, with 9.5 points.

The young beauty queen, who was found dead in her Colorado home at Christmastime, was seen on the supermarket tabloids throughout the month, appearing weekly on the National Enquirer and Star for a total of eight covers.

Other celebrities who scored enough points to place in the top 10 for the month include: Bill Cosby, 8 points; Christie Brinkley, 7.5; the continuing O.J. Simpson legal saga, 6.5; Elizabeth Taylor, 6; Tom Cruise, Tea Leoni and Liv Tyler, all with 4; and Sandra Bullock, 3.5.

And tying for 10th place, all with 3 points, were Paula Abdul, Alec Baldwin, Drew Barrymore, Angela Bassett, Johnny Depp, Jackee Harry, Evander Holyfield, John F. Kennedy Jr., Nicole Kidman, Courtney Love, Joan Lunden, Karen Mulder, Rosie O'Donnell, Pearl Jam, Jada Pinkett, Kelly Preston, Dennis Rodman, Rebecca Romign, Tim Roth, Brooke Shields, Will Smith, Sharon Stone, Dominique Swain, Kristen Scott Thomas, John Travolta and Courtney Vance.M

-julie a. johnson

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