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STAR BRIGHT: The intense media focus and public outpouring of grief surrounding the death of Princess Diana weren't surprising given her immense popularity in the U.S.

What is surprising is the realization that the harsh spotlight turned on Di over the past 15 years had significantly lowered her overall star power in the former colonies. Of the 1,000 celebs tracked by People POP Profiles, Di ranked an alarmingly low 880th among all adults. A closer look at the numbers reveals the princess had average or above average scores in most areas, particularly among women.

She was better known, for example, than Brits Prince Charles and the Beatles, and more likeable than TV gabster Rosie O'Donnell.

Though the young princess was still viewed by women as an up-and-comer, her rank was lowered by overexposure scores that ran 40% higher than the average celeb.

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