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WINNING FORCE: With "Star Wars" back in full Force, more people would buy a product pitched by the actor who gave Darth Vader his voice, James Earl Jones, than Harrison ("Han Solo") Ford and Carrie ("Princess Leia") Fisher. This according to People/Yankelovich POP Monitor Profiles, which measures the overall star power of 1,000 celebrities.

Ironically, the spokesman for the dark side was viewed as more trustworthy among adults, boomers and Gen Xers. Mr. Ford, no acting slouch himself, has Mr. Jones and Debbie Reynolds' actress/writer daughter beat in most every other area. He's hotter, cooler and more likable.

The survey showed all three actors scored high among all adults, evidence of the movie's cross-generational appeal.

Interesting dichotomy: while Mr. Jones is the most recognizable, Mr. Ford is seen as the most overexposed.

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