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MOVE OVER, `SNL': Make way for the self-proclaimed King of All Media, Howard Stern. The shock jock/scribe/movie star this fall will make a run at NBC's long-running "Saturday Night Live" with a variety show on CBS stations. If there ever was a Hollywood player not ready for prime time, it's the FCC's poster boy for potty mouth. But in late-night fringe, Mr. Stern may have a shot.

According to People POP Profiles, a survey that measures celebrity appeal, Mr. Stern's POP score -- which factors in credibility, likability and popularity -- is 23 among the larger population; 100 is considered average. Among "SNL's" viewership, the score is a stunning 116.

Among the general population, 81% know of Mr. Stern vs. 100% of "SNL" viewers. The survey said 70% of "SNL" viewers would buy something he shilled, vs. only 2% of the general population. Finally, 75% of "SNL" viewers said they wanted to know more about Mr. Stern; just 2% of the general population did.

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