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HEARTS & FLOWERS: It's Valentine's Day week, time to start worrying. Flowers. Candy. Restaurant reservations. Gondola rides. Even if you haven't got a romantic bone in your body, and even if you've actually remembered that Feb. 14 isn't a good day for beer and darts with the guys at the tavern, the fact is nothing will measure up to the V-Day date of her dreams, not in a culture that sets up George Clooney and Brad Pitt as ideals.

According to People's POP Profiles, Hollywood's most eligible bachelors are just that because they're exceedingly sexy, stylish, cool, trustworthy and intriguing, with George a little more so than Brad.

Both those boys blow Jerry Seinfeld away, but even a guy with a show about nothing has something on you, although women say he's not as trustworthy as the average Hollywood hunk.

He is, however, more fun than Brad, and more recognizable than both.

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