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BABBLING FOR BAUBLES: With the holidays fast approaching, it's time to start thinking of that something special for that certain someone, something that says, "You're a materialistic consumption machine and slavish fashion beast, and I love you." Which inevitably leads one to lines of jewelry endorsed by such celebrities as Joan Rivers, Suzanne Somers and Ivana Trump, all of whom have their names attached to trinkets sold via TV home shopping channels.

According to People's POP Profiles, Ms. Somers' overall PopScore puts her among the top 200 of 1,000 measured celebs, while Ms. Rivers and Ms. Trump languish among the bottom 100. The infomercial Thighmistress can flex far more endorsement muscle than the talk-show hostess and celebrity divorcee, who just don't measure up to the average celebrity in this category, according to the

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