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Surfing, God and big-breasted women? Well, God may be a third wheel on "Baywatch," but, according to creatives at dGWB, the mix is perfect in trying to appeal to 15-year-old boys, the target of the agency's TV spots for Quiksilver, a Southern California-based surfwear company.

Writer Joe Cladis explains that the pair of low-budget spots, composed of stock footage and type, attempted "to be true to the sport rather than trendy." Tagged "A small part of what you need to survive," one shows a kid gliding through a tunnel of surf amid the words, "Through this door lies the passage to truth, wisdom, salvation and large-breasted women." In a second spot, a skier freefalls from a mountaintop, praying to give up all his vices if only he survives the fall. When he lands, the text simply states: "Nevermind."

Other credits to co-creative directors Jon Gothold and Wade Konaikowsky, art director Melanie Menkemeller, writers Kirt Gentry and Rob Bagot.

The real reasons for using a bus pass are "pretty dry," ACD/AD Kris Salzer admits. So Seattle's Elgin Syferd DDB Needham came up with some "odd non sequitur reasons," and turned a campaign for the local King County Metro Transit into offbeat ads that pair benefits with the sardonically twisted illustrations of Gary Baseman.

The ads are meant to be reminders, says writer Cheryl Van Ooyen, noting that the campaign ultimately aims to boost ridership. One ad reads, "Less expensive and less noisy if dropped," next to illustrations of coins frowning as they clink to the ground. Radio spots, written by Van Ooyen, with the VO of David Hyde Pierce (Niles from "Frasier"), push this to a ludicrous limit; harping on a sanitary benefit, one spot likens a quarter to a petri dish. Another explores the convenience factor and the potential of having to "crawl on your hands and knees" on the bus, searching for a dropped quarter. Credit also CD Laurie Fritts.

Smothering the L.A. skyline with billboards of her overblown body for as long as anyone can remember, Angelyne is alocal icon, explains Deutsch writer Mark Jensen. A campaign for the overhauled Ikea catalog would be remiss without her, he adds. Heh-heh. Other credits to CD Greg DiNoto and ACD/AD Joanne Scannello; photo by Bob Sebree

The videogame wars are getting bittier and grittier, and at long last Sega has some worthy commercials competition, thanks to Sony Playstation, TBWA/Chiat/Day/Venice and the London-based creative collective known as Tomato, which is represented here by Curious Pictures, New York.

Tomato co-directors/designers Graham Wood and Simon Taylor mixed live-action footage with game footage from Ridge Racer, a car chase, and Toshinden, an adventure game that features a woman warrior named Sophia (not Coppola), all to the theme, "You are not ready." The four spots are based on the concept of "neurotransmission," according to Taylor, in which an "alien mind" has shanghaied the TV signal. These aliens are surely not from the ringed planet, since one opening screen of graphics tells us "Saturn bites." What follows is an unusually ingratiating barrage of quick cuts, compliments of John Hollis at Smoke & Mirrors. Tomato music credits to Anthony Capel and Karl Hyde. Chiat credits to CD Lee Clow, CW Clay Williams, AD Chuck Bennett and producer Jennifer Golub.

An edgy and unusual pro bono campaign from Batey Ads, Singapore, for a group calling itself Asian Pals of the Planet promotes water conservation. Is there any irony to be found in the fact that these ads came from an agency located on an island nation?

"Obviously, it rains a lot in Asia," says Batey creative director Jim Aitchison, "so we aren't really running out of water. The real issue, however, is water management." Aitchison says that many Asian nations are facing real difficulty in meeting their future water needs. "Hence our theme, 'Treat water with respect.'"

The ad pictured above is one of a half-dozen executions written by Antony Redman and Ian Batey and art directed by Redman, with additional CD credit to Graham Fink. Other executions include a closeup of a water pistol with the headline: "The average Somalian survives on this much water a day," and another that pictures a dozen hamburgers along with the headline, "It takes 21,000 liters of

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