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Contest #412: This Joe Camel hullabaloo is really burning people up, but we at T.N.T. feel the smoke is getting in their eyes. Strange how adults want to blame teen smoking on cartoon camels when most teens pick up the habit from adult role models. (Oops! Forgot to dismount the high horse before picking up the pen.) If kids find Joe cool, why doesn't R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Co. license their mascot. T.N.T.ers: come up with the next kids/teen marketer to use Joe Camel in an ad

Cutting it close

And now for the results of Contest #408: we asked you for some cutting suggestions for the next ad campaign to feature John and Lorena Bobbitt and you offered;

First Prize: The Bobbitts for an updated version of the classic Hasbro Bros. game "Operation," with John as the patient under the knife and Lorena as the surgeon. Game's battery operated speaker sounds are replaced by electronic screams when player's tools get too close. Ad theme line: "Watch out for the funny bone!" Steve Horn, copywriter/sales assistant, BH&G Special Interest Publications, Chicago.

Second Prize: The Bobbitts offer a testimonial for Citibank Visa. Lorena: "He was just lying there. I reached down, grabbed it, ran out the door and drove away. I threw it out the car window and drove away." John: "I woke up and realized it was gone. I didn't know what to do." Customer service rep: "At Citibank, we know how it feels when something you depend on is lost or stolen. When John called and reported his card was missing, I was able to issue him a new one right away." Citibank Visa-everything should be as well protected. Jeff Greenspan, account coordinator, Young & Rubicam, Plainview, N.Y.

Third Prize: The Bobbits for Burma-Shave Smearing Gel: "Twas a very close shave/ when she acted/ to bob it/ but John's manhood was saved/ when Lorena showed/ where she lobbed it/ Burma Shave." Jim Begley, creative director, Personal Marketimg Co., Houston.

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