Cutting edge

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A short history of the razor category traces one-upmanship in blades


King C. Gillette invents the safety razor-to be manufactured by company bearing his name starting in 1903


Gillette launches Trac II - first twin-blade shaving system


Gillette introduces Atra, first razor with pivoting head, which remains in distribution to this day


Gillette rolls out Sensor, with spring-mounted twin blades


Gillette launches Sensor Excel with flexible microfins


Gillette introduces Mach 3, the first triple-blade system


Gillette comes out with Venus, a three-bladed women's system


Gillette launches Mach 3 Turbo with new blade technology

September 2003

In first one-up in memory by Schick over its dominant rival, Energizer Holdings unit launches four-bladed Quattro

May 2004

Gillette launches M3 Power, a vibrating three-bladed wet shaving system for men

January 2005

Procter & Gamble Co. announces pending acquisition of Gillette for $57 billion.

September 2005

Having won an injunction against Gillette's hair-raising ad claims for M3 Power in court months earlier, Schick launches its own vibrating battery-powered razor, Quattro Power

January 2006 Gillette will launch six-bladed Fusion-with five blades in front for regular shaving and one in back for trimming-in power and non-power versions.

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