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MARKETER: Domecq Importers' Sauza tequila


CRITIQUE: Good ad campaigns take on a life of their own. Especially on TV, where a mass audience can create a word-of-mouth buzz.

That creates a problem for some marketers: What do you do with a Web site if it's themed around an ad campaign that has stayed fresh in traditional media, but lived far longer than the Interactive Attention Span?

Darwin Digital suggests adding new, different features online to refresh the traditional campaign. To draw more traffic to Sauza's aging "Harsh Site of the Day" page, Darwin created a stand-alone application for Windows based on Sauza's "Life is harsh, your tequila shouldn't be" fortune cookie print ad. Instead of nice, happy, "Use your talents wisely"-type fortunes, these cookies, when clicked on, tell you, "Of course it's safe to use your credit card over the Web -- We just did." (Mac users don't get a cookie, but as the site points out, they already know how harsh life can be.)

The new campaign is being supported with a banner campaign across several online publications, including Swoon, P.O.V., and Us.

Alcohol marketers seem to have led the charge with ad-themed sites. Some, like the Home Page of Decency ( from Heineken USA's Amstel have done more for us than others ( All, however, should be checking the site's Born On date, and either declaring last call, or refreshing the contents.

WHO CREATED IT: Darwin Digital, New York, with Cliff Freeman & Partners

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