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MARKETER: Jet-Puffed


CRITIQUE: URLs are everywhere now -- outdoor boards, buses, TV commercials. But sometimes you find one someplace unexpected. Like, say, on your jar of Durkee Mower Marshmallow Fluff (www. We got a release about the newly-launched site from competitor Jet-Puffed marshmallows (

On the surface, these two sites seem almost identical: Recipes, the obligatory "about us" section and their respective jingles. Jet-Puffed has a more colorful design and wins a point for having their jingle in RealAudio vs. a non-streamed audio format as on Durkee Mower's site.

We surfed here looking for the answer to the only question we had about fluff: "What makes one better?"

The difference is in marketing. Jet-Puffed offers a terse explanation of how its process makes its product better. While Durkee Mower weaves the story of its corporate history that gives readers the sense of being a part of the American dream just by snacking on a spoonful of fluff. The tale has everything from small businessmen scrimping for cash to start the company, to patriotic efforts during World War II, to pioneering advertising efforts on radio with the "Flufferettes."

Will either of these sites make or break their respective future sales? No. But they offer a great glimpse of how the simplest sites have lessons for other marketers -- and not just about how to make a great grasshopper pie.

WHO CREATED IT: Grant/Jacoby, Chicago (


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