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CRITIQUE: So far the latest installment in the "Star Wars" saga has been notable as much for its lines as the movie itself. Besides the ticket-hopeful, online retailers have lined up, hoping that the force will be with them during what some might consider a holiday season.

Creative for most of the banners our crack staff found was as unsurprising as Obi-Wan Kenobi's miraculous survival in "Episode I": Animated lightsabers and static Yoda heads decorate banners with tags that range from the cheesy ('s "Have a real blast with 1000s of Star Wars products") to the lame ('s ever-original, "click here for the latest"), and peak at vaguely amusing (ZDTV's "It's that movie our lawyers won't let us mention").

Perhaps the best "Star Wars" tie-in was a simple text promo plugging the employment section on aimed at those who wanted to catch the "Phantom Flu" on the movie's opening day, which read, "Can't play hooky from the office? Use the Web to find a better job."

The surprising aspect of all these campaigns was not their viruslike spread, but that there weren't more "Star Wars"-related ads. Where were the eBays, Amazons, etc? Or for that matter, Barnes & Noble and Toys "R" Us?

Merchandising of this movie is a wide-open space, and some of the smaller players could score big with a well-placed campaign, while the industry heavies sit back with their popcorn and watch.

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