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Marketer: Saturn Corp.


What's there: Typical automaker information like statistics and safety features for various car models, a list of retailers, a form to request a print brochure. Large photos of cars available for downloading. Section called "Magazine" includes letters from Saturn owners.

Who created it: Hal Riney & Partners, with Organic Online, both San Francisco

Comments: Just like a Saturn ad, this site is homey, engaging and personable. Icons and headlines are cutesy, but get the job done. The site seems complete (no "under construction" signs, at least) but Saturn promises even more content will be available soon.

Marketer: Sony Corp. of America


What's there: Not much yet. Sites devoted to Sony music and software are up, but icons for Sony movies, electronics and licensed products lead only to a "coming soon" sign. The music section is pretty complete, with extensive artist information, promos of new releases and lists of upcoming albums. There's also an "Immortal Beloved" contest offering Sony CD players as prizes.

Who created it: in-house

Comments: While we liked the amount of information available from Sony Music, the rest of the area left us wanting more. A note within the site promises sections on Sony movies and licensed products will be available in "mid-February." As of Feb. 28, they weren't there. Logging onto the Sony Electronic Publishing area was even more difficult; each time we tried, we lost our Internet connection completely and had to start over.

Agency: Chiat/Day


What's there: Colorful, Keith Haring-like screens and thought-provoking discussion of concepts like creativity, vision, culture and community. Sign up for focus groups on a variety of topics and fill out a survey sharing your thoughts on new media (separate surveys for agency folk, journalists and everyone else).

Who created it: Chiat/Day

Comments: What else would you expect from the vision of Jay Chiat? The site has a clubby, "attitude" feel. You have to look hard to find a core description of the agency and its clients, but hey, that's not Chiat's style.

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