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Marketer: American Honda Motor Co.


What's there: Typical car-site stuff: Dealer locator, brochure order form, some model specs, information on Honda's Indy Car racing program. Also contains a cute hyperlinked disclaimer that explains what all the terms mean. Helpful for any car buyer.

Who created it: Rubin Postaer & Associates, Santa Monica, Calif.

Comments: This site is a variation on a theme we've already seen. Honda has seen plenty of other automotive sites and had an opportunity to do something completely different-to take it to another level. Instead, the company offers all the requisite bits of information and not a lot of interactivity.

If there's an e-mail address listed, it's not readily apparent. And, although there are lots of internal links, there's not much room for feedback.

Marketer: Chemical Bank


What's there: Information on various loan programs (automotive, household, etc.). A fix-it quiz, home improvement tips, nautical tips and more. For every type of financial service Chemical offers, there are related topics.

Who created it: In-house, with, Johnson City, N.Y.

Comments: This site is part of's Virtual Mall. While providing information on topics other than financial matters is a sound concept, Chemical Bank's idea might well be fleshed out more. The shareware financial tool of the month is a good resource, but was last updated in August. The information about loan programs is fairly minimal, but there are forms to fill out to get more information.

Marketer: Kellogg Co.


What's there: Welcome to the Kellogg "Clubhouse." Snap!, Crackle! and Pop!, those cheery Rice Krispies spokescharacters, host your trip through the rec room, kitchen, lounge and more. Guest appearances by such notables as Tony the Tiger.

Who created it: Magnet Interactive Studios, Washington; Leo Burnett USA, Chicago; and J. Walter Thompson USA, New York

Comments: This site is a lot of fun. The kitchen has the serious side, with nutrition information, recipes and a calendar of promotions. But the coloring book is really cool. You pick the picture you want to play with, pick your color and click on the image map where you want to put that color. The reload time is a little slow, and it could use some instructions, but it's a good way to kill a little time for kids of all ages.

The design is well thought out and well laid out, with nice, simple backgrounds (white) and graphics.

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