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Marketer: Warner-Lambert Co.


What's there: Product information and pictures of packaging. Usage instructions, ingredient lists, several quizzes on Warner-Lambert products and links to related Web sites.

Who created it: SpectraCom (

Comments: Imagine you are standing in front of your bathroom mirror, mouth full of Listerine. Suddenly you forget what to do. You run to your computer, connect to the Warner-Lambert home page, dive straight for the oral hygiene section and-much to your relief-find instructions on how to use your mouthwash: "Rinse with 30ml (1 ounce) for 30 seconds to freshen breath."

Whew. More surfing reveals quiz questions asking if Anusol can be used for slicking your hair back (no) or if EPT can be used to test for pregnancy in horses (again, no).

The links offered up are curious and strangely funny: The oral-care area points to two dental-theme sites; the shaving products area points to sports sites.

How much of the information in this under-construction site is necessary? Who's to say. But the design gives a really nice look and a clever feel to a lot of otherwise uninteresting product information.

Marketer: Frito-Lay


What's there: Company history, product information, fun factoids about Frito-Lay snacks.

Who created it: PICnet (

Comments: The big question is: How much do you want to know about your snack food? For the die-hards, it's all here. You can find out such gripping details as when Chester Cheetah first was introduced as the "spokescat" for Chee-tos or when Frito-Lay changed the design of its Frito's brand packaging.

Credit must be given to PICnet for making this site look attractive, but for the average snacker, all you really need to know, as they say, is in the bag.

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