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A selection of upcoming events and properties seeking sponsors.

CyberEvent Group, Brooklyn, N.Y., seeks at least four major sponsors for its first National CyberFootball League tournament, using virtual reality and targeted for the 1995-96 NFL season. A series of regional tournaments taking place in major cities will culminate in two winning two-player teams facing off in Phoenix this fall. Sponsorships cost $750,000 and will include a variety of promotional components for advertisers. Contact: (718) 802-9415.

Alcone Motorsports, Irvine, Calif., 1994 national champion of offshore powerboat racing, is looking for first-time sponsors at all levels for the 1995 season, which starts this month. Sponsorship includes adding corporate name and logo to the boat and equipment, backed by national and local media coverage. Alcone Sims O'Brien handles. Contact: (714) 770-1300.

Chicago Centennial Challenge seeks title and presenting sponsors for its first enduro race among classic sports cars set for Sept. 2 and 4 along Lake Michigan in Chicago. The event, sanctioned by the Sports Car Club of America, will be held in conjunction with the Concours D'Elegance classic car event in Chicago, with sponsorships at various levels from $25,000 to $250,000 for this year. ProActive handles. Contact: (312) 654-8844.

National College Music Video Contest seeks a title and secondary sponsors for its first national contest this fall targeting film and video departments at 1,000 colleges. The contest, which challenges students to produce a music video for a major artist's new song, offers sponsorships for $175,000 (title) and $75,000 (secondary). Sponsorship includes co-promotion with a record label, plus on-campus media and marketing, and exposure at the national College TV Programming Awards Ceremony in 1996. Collegiate Advantage, Boston, handles. Contact: (617) 262-3734, ext. 314.

A Day at the Movies, New York, has sponsorship opportunities at various levels for its second annual event to be held June 4 in Manhattan on behalf of the Motion Picture Club of New York and the Mayor's Office of Film, Theater & Broadcasting. Sponsorships, available for $5,000 and up, include signage and other product marketing opportunities. MBI handles. Contact: (212) 262-0400.

Generation Xpo, an entertainment and consumer marketing program targeting young adults 18 to 29 years old, seeks sponsors at various levels for its premiere event in Chicago July 29 and 30. Sponsorships of exhibits with category exclusivity cost $25,000 each; additional sponsorships as low as $1,000 are also available. Local newspaper and radio back the event. Contact: (312) 321-2017.M

Kate Fitzgerald coordinates Events & Promotions. Reach us by fax at (312) 649-5331 or e-mail address [email protected]

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