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Sixteen years ago Greg Stevens, working for George H. W. Bush's '88 election campaign, turned footage of a miserable-looking Michael Dukakis riding in an army tank into a slam-dunk of an anti ad that played a part in sinking the Democratic presidential wannabe.

But the Republican campaign veteran believes Vermont Gov. Howard Dean's rabid Iowa concession speech is even better material for a Republic campaign ad than Dukakis' funny-faced spin with the troops.

"We used the tank as a metaphor for his lack of defense experience," said Mr. Stevens, but he added that the speech is more damaging because it's longer - lending itself to more outtakes-and because Dean is speaking (and, at one point, even growling), rather than just sitting there.

"You'd have to connect [with the footage] that he isn't ready to be President and hasn't had the experience," Mr. Stevens added. "But the growl-he looked like a caged dog-just not like someone to whom you'd entrust the Presidency of the U.S."

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