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Dan Whitten, a business communications veteran, was recently named VP-client services for Carabiner International, a New York-based business communications company that worked on Viagra's global launch last year. The company has swelled from revenues of $50 million in 1993 to $600 million today.

Age: 42

Goal: To reach business and consumer audiences with integrated communications messaging using all media.

Insight: The art and science of persuasion are moving behind the scenes. It's no longer enough to market to consumers; today companies must woo their own employees through training, motivation and education.

Forecast: Ad agencies are eyeing our core business, internal communications. And increasingly we're being asked to help on brand and image advertising campaigns.

Skill: Helping clients decide if it's better to spend money on prime-time TV or targeted communications, such as seminars designed to persuade potential customers.

Hot: Global pharmaceutical and technology product launches.

Challenge: Defining new integrated communications in a world that thinks in

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