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I'm not sure who Joseph is. And I never bought any of the Pharaoh's albums. But I do know everything from bombastic lingerie babes to chicken breasts is shrink wrapped and sold within an inch of its shelf-life. The products change; the seduction remains the same. At Peterson Milla Hooks, I work on fashion accounts for the most part -- so it was easy to find the glamourista model photo. By happenstance, we were also preparing for our office party (a "chicken" theme) and had ordered meat and poultry stickers so our guests could make their own part-appropriate name tags. "Weapons bright as a sword"? That's why butchers wear chain-mail gloves. Maybe we should too. "Interpreters of our dreams"? Advertising makes chicken sexy, and it makes fashion appetizing. Me? I dream of tofu. Wearing really tight jeans.

Amie Valentine, Copywriter, Peterson Milla Hooks, Minneapolis

With most ad assignments, our careers are at stake. With this one, we're just glad no one got salmonella.

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