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De-Sexing Brazilian Beer
Marketer: Molson
Brand: Kaiser Beer
Title: "Tattoo"
Agency: W/Brasil, Sao Paulo
In the wake of the Brazilian National Self-Regulation Council's new ban on "erotic exploitation" in beer ads, marketers and their agencies are scrambling to find a new creative vocabulary beyond breasts and bare bellies. Here's the first attempt, for Molson's Kaiser Beer. It depicts a young man whose choice of tattoo designs was switched by the tattoo artist. The indignant walk-on announcer asks why tattoo customers -- as well as beer drinkers -- shouldn't get exactly what they want. Kaiser recently changed the taste of its beer as a result of research that determined what Brazilian beer buyers like best.

Nascar Races Back to the Future
Marketer: Nascar
Brand: Nascar
Title: "Pre-race"
Agency: Martin Agency
In a series of spots kicking off its new relationship with Nextel, Nascar celebrates its history with film wizardry, mixing images of today and yesteryear. In one scene, a current-day Dale Earnhardt Jr. walks and talks with a 1960s Richard Petty; in another, 1970 Nascar champion Bobby Isaac walks track side with 2002 champ Tony Stewart and 1981 champion Buck Baker -- all dressed in their period gear. Motorheads will love this. The special effects are by R!OT, New York.

Dreadful Directors
Marketer: Scarecrow Video Stores
Brand: Video Rentals
Title: "Credit"
Agency: Cole & Weber Red Cell, Portland, Ore.
Located in Seattle's University District, Scarecrow Video is a video-rental business that stocks one of the country's largest inventories of hard-to-find independent films. Its new ads echo and mock really bad independent films even as its tagline notes "There's a lot of bad independent film out there. We've got the good ones." This spot is slated for screening at the upcoming Seattle International Film Festival.

Lobby Mimes
Marketer: Massachusetts Lottery
Brand: MegaMillion Game
Title: "Hotel"
Agency: Hill Holiday, Boston
This ad, one of a new series of spots themed "Having a Rough Day?" for the Massachusetts Lottery, features a harried hotel clerk's efforts to meet the needs of guests who are attending a mime convention. That night, we see our hero frantically checking his MegaMillions Game numbers as he dreams of winning an easy way out of this daily madness. It's a cute commercial for any viewer who does not detest mimes.

Score Blocker
Marketer: Heineken USA
Brand: Amstel Light
Title: "Hockey"
Agency: Publicis New York
Who says a pro athlete can't be out of shape? Who says a light beer can't taste great? And who says a highly memorable commercial must effectively promote its product? Amstel's latest spot stars a 300-pound porker of a hockey goalie dressed in a tent-size uniform. Because his grotesque body fills the entire net, virtually all pucks are blocked even as he stands still. Here's the problem: A month from now most viewers are only going to remember the "fat goalie" rather than the beer brand. So he really does block the score.

Download Outlaws
Marketer: PepsiCo/Apple
Brand: Pepsi/iTunes
Title: "I Fought the Law"
Agency: BBDO Worldwide, New York

This Super Bowl ad makes TV stars of a number of young music download outlaws. They boast that they can still download music for free on the Internet. It's all part of the 100 million free song promotion by Pepsi and Apple's iTunes Store. This spot received the highest consumer recall score for the period of Feb. 2-15 in the bi-weekly Intermedia Advertising Group survey.

Good Times in Sin City
Marketer: Las Vegas Convention & Visitors Authority
Brand: Las Vegas
Title: "Silent Car"
Agency: R&R Partners, Las Vegas
The latest spots for Las Vegas' "Sin City" rebound go curiously light on the sin. The new crop of tourism ads celebrate nothing more explicit than generic vacation fun. Here we watch a limo full of ladies laughing at some unstated hi-jinks and having a hell of a good time of it.

Metrosexual Paper Towels
Marketer: Georgia Pacific
Brand: Brawny Towels
Title: "Sensitive Side"
Agency: Fallon
Is the new Brawny man Hispanic? Portuguese? Italian? Pakistani? Or what? But multi-ethnic appears to be as much the point as metrosexual in this reincarnation of a paper towel icon. And, as this spot illustrates, the new Mr. Brawny, unlike his gruff and overly macho predecessor, is sensitive enough to appreciate the twists and turns of an afternoon soap opera plot. Imagine all this for a product that sops up spilled milk, bacon grease and cat vomit.

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