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The 68-page tobacco agreement sets curbs on cigarette marketing in unprecedented detail. Some provisions of the text include:

Effective dates: If the agreement is signed following congressional approval, the restrictions on advertising and promotions become effective in sequence. After five months, retail signage restrictions apply. After nine months, retail product displays and other advertising. Sponsorship restrictions become effective Dec. 31, 1998.

Advertising oversight: The Food & Drug Administration would be required to promulgate a rule governing the testing, reporting and disclosure of tobacco smoke constituents that the agency determines the public should be informed of to protect public health. This authority would be transferred from the Federal Trade Commission and would include authority to require label and advertising disclosures relating to tar and nicotine.

Constitutional issues: The parties recognize that certain provisions . . . may require them to act (or refrain from acting) in a manner that they might otherwise claim would violate the federal or state constitutions. They will therefore . . . expressly waive any claim that the provisions . . . violate the federal or state constitutions.

Full text of the accord is available at

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