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A series of :15s from GSD&M, Austin, for RC's new Kick citrus cola, aims to change rival Mountain Dew's slogan to "Get Horizontal," with a clever campaign in which Kick blows away its competitor in a series of farcical direct comparisons.

"We didn't want to slam Mountain Dew," says AD Bryan Jesse. Rather, the spots are intended to build Kick's brand personality as the category's "little, evil demon."

In one spot, a refrigerator door shuts on a six-pack of Kick and a can of Mountain Dew. After much clatter, the door opens and the Dew can hangs from the shelf, lynched by the six-pack's plastic holder. "Kick," intones the VO, as a warning label crashes into the frame: "The hardcore, psycho, nitro drink in a can."

John Zurik directed the regional campaign through Austin-based E. Parsons & Co. Other credits to writer Peter Berta and creative driector Guy Bommarito.

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