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Kevin o'connor sums up the start of his company as quickly as the merger took place. After a 15-minute phone conversation last December with Dave Carlick, who was running a spinoff of ad agency Poppe Tyson called DoubleClick, "We realized we had the same goals: They had the sales and we had the technology. It was a merger made in heaven."

DoubleClick (, which pooled Mr. Carlick's Internet ad sales division with Mr. O'Connor's marketing software company, Internet Advertising Network, now has 40 staffers, and sales are growing about 50% per month. By the end of the year, billings should be about $10 million.

The service, which Mr. O'Connor calls "real-time advertising," is a Web ad network. Enter one of DoubleClick's 60 sites, such as USA Today Online, and an ad will appear that appeals to your particular interests. The software builds consumer profiles based on sites you've visited and your Web address, and all that information is fed back to clients and advertisers.

"We take all this information and bring it all together for our clients," Mr. O'Connor said.

An engineer who hung out with the B-school people, Mr. O'Connor was 21 when he co-founded Intercomputer Communications Corp., which made software linking PCs and mainframes. The company grew to $35 million in sales before Digital Communications Associates bought it in 1992.

Mr. O'Connor decided to go it alone in January 1995, invest in start-ups, and finally start the Internet Advertising Network, which became DoubleClick.

Betcha didn't know: Internet Advertising Network "never launched-it transformed into this network." To prove it, Mr. O'Connor adds, "I have 2,000 brochures that came in a week after we merged if anyone wants them."

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