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I couldn't agree more with Bob Garfield's 31/2-star review of the new ad campaign for Nynex Yellow Pages (AA, May 23). His characterization of directory advertising as "a monumentally low-interest category" cannot go unchallenged, though.

The fact is U.S. adult consumers make about 20 billion references to the Yellow Pages each year, with approximately 60% of consumers using Yellow Pages directories during the average week, according to Statistical Research Inc. Consumers refer to the Yellow Pages about twice a week, on average, and nearly 9 out of 10 references result in a contact. These figures have held steady for the past five years.

I might concede that consumers generally don't depend on their Yellow Pages directories for entertainment value. However, most of us do have "monumentally high interest" in Yellow Pages as a primary information source when we are ready to make a purchase decision.

Leonard Pollack

VP-media and market research

Wahlstrom & Co.

Stamford, Conn.

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