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Marketer: 10/10/220, etc.

Where to find it: Nowhere we've seen

Critique: The Cyber Critque staff was watching a bit of TV recently, just to see what other media are up to these days, when we came to an epiphany: Banner ads are the best form of advertising. Ever. Because Tony Danza isn't in any of them.

The return on investment for a celebrity endorsement in a banner ad must not be there yet (and we hope it never is), which means that washed-up heads don't pop up all over Web sites. Wonderful.

Here are some interesting points to ponder:

* Do you leave Web pages because of the banner ads with the same frequency that you flip the channel when an especially bad commercial comes on? Probably not.

* Ever been able to just click to buy a product within a print ad? Never.

* Ever turned right to the story in a magazine and missed the preceding ad entirely? Of course.

The TV spots for all of these 10-10 services rapidly eclipsed local car dealers to become the worst genre of advertising going. The plot is always the same, and creative so abominable that the thumb twitches in anticipation of hitting the "next channel" button on the remote. Web sites for these companies aren't any better.

We have yet to see banner ads for 10-10 services with the ubiquity of the TV spots, which appear on every show we watch. So one of two things is happening: The ads don't exist, or they target a different demographic than the TV spots. It's fine with us if telephone calling services never discover the Joy of Banners.

Banner ads have the unique challenge of selling product in a very limited space. Don't get us wrong; breathtaking creative they lack. We don't all sit around watching for the banners. But dollar for dollar, you can't beat

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