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Disembodied Tongue Seeks Beer
Marketer: Toohey's Extra Dry
Brand: Toohey's Extra Dry
Title: "Quest"
Agency: BMF, Sydney
A Cannes contestant that didn't get a lot of press, this Toohey's Extra Dry commercial from Australia is definitely one to remember. In fact, how can you ever forget the sight of a tongue detaching from its mouth to crawl across the street to a nearby house party in search of its favorite beer?

head to head
The 'Lap' Spot
Marketer: Visa
Brand: Visa Card
Title: "Lap"
Agency: BBDO, New York
Hanging their Olympics marketing hat on Michael Phelps, the swimmer expected to win as many as seven gold medals, Visa thinks big on this spot. Helped by special effects, Phelps appears to swim from the Poseidon Temple in Greece to the Statue of Liberty in the U.S., encountering a breaching whale along the way.

Making of "Lap"
Marketer: Visa
Brand: Visa Card
Title: "Making of Lap"
Agency: BBDO, New York
Director Lance Acord explains some of problems he faced in the complicated waterborne "Lap" shoot in Greece, Miami and New York. His wetsuited camera crew even stalked ships headed out to sea. The production's castaway character is particularly amusing in the before and after mode. Waving from a grimy island in the middle of an urban river, he and his island are digitally placed in a bucolic ocean setting in the actual spot.

Car Parts From The Sky
Marketer: GMC
Brand: GMC Engineering
Title: "Ideas"
Agency: Lowe, New York
It's pretty compelling to see car chassis, drive trains, wheel assemblies and engines falling from the sky to impact in explosions of ripped earth and twisted metal. Only at the end do we learn that these are the discarded ideas of GMC engineers, who only keep the best design concepts.

Yellow Lance
Marketer: Lance Armstrong Foundation
Brand: Lance Armstrong Foundation
Title: "Yellow"
Agency: Weiden & Kennedy
Lance Armstrong, the five-time winner of the Tour de France champion's yellow jersey, has turned the color into the branding for his Lance Armstrong Foundation. Founded by the 33-year-old cyclist and cancer survivor in 1997, the organization raises funds for cancer-related research, political lobbying and victim support programs. The ad campaign hits as Armstrong sets out on the monthlong 2004 Tour de France in which he hopes to win his sixth consecutive yellow jersey.

Motor Head Motor Bed
Marketer: AC Delco
Brand: AC Delco Automotive
Title: "Real Car Guys"
Agency: Campbell-Ewald, Warren, Mich.
Demonstrating how 'Real Car Guys' eat, sleep and breathe cars, AC Delco shows us motorheads who sleep on a mechanic's dolly under the bed, use a grease bay extension cord light in the bathroom and open coffee cans with a self-taping oil can pour spout. But, much like AC Delco car parts, it's the only way to live.

Bench Quest
Marketer: HSBC Bank
Brand: HSBC Bank
Title: "Benches"
Agency: Ole, New York
The first Hispanic ad campaign launched by HSBC requires the viewer to understand that the same word in Spanish means 'bench' as well as 'bank.' So, the spot shows a young Hispanic man wandering from bench to bench trying to find one that fits just right. Finally, it is on the bench within the HSBC bank branch that he feels most comfortable and at home.

Deaf Ears
Marketer: Ad Council
Brand: Campaign for Freedom
Title: "Deaf Ears"
Agency: Martin Agency, Richmond, Va.
The "Campaign for Freedom" launched in the wake of 9/11 originally involved public service announcements produced by some of the country's top ad agency pros. This year, the four new spots were, instead, produced by grad students at the Virginia Commonwealth University Adcenter.

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