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PARIS-In its third major advertising strategy shift since it opened 21/2 years ago, Disneyland Paris last week began rolling out a new pan-European campaign aimed primarily at adults.

The first two spots in the TV campaign, created by Ogilvy & Mather, broke in France and the U.K. last week. The debut is set for Nov. 28 in Germany and Dec. 6 in the Netherlands.

Unlike previous campaigns, which targeted a young audience, the new spots tell adults they can enhance their relationship with their children and their grandchildren by enjoying Disneyland Paris with them.

"This is a major change away from past advertising themes to one based on the excitement and fun people share together at Disneyland Paris," said a Disneyland Paris advertising official. "Emotionally, it's stronger than before."

The campaign also uses the Disneyland Paris name for the first time in TV spots. The name change from Euro Disney in September was one of many modifications made since the park opened in April 1992 to adapt to European tastes and turn around continued losses and reported slumping attendance. Package visits, seasonal rates, lower hotel prices and reduced prices for food and souvenirs in the park have also been introduced.

Although officials at the park's operating company, Euro Disney SCA, refute published reports that attendance for the year ended Sept. 30 fell 16.3% from a year earlier to 8.2 million, they do acknowledge the park will not post a profit until at least 1996.

Before hammering out a major financial restructuring deal that will considerably lighten its debt financing, Euro Disney last year reported losses of $1 billion.

While the new TV spots tug at the heartstrings, supporting print and direct mail will describe park attractions and how travelers can take advantage of a new package of seasonal prices.

The print campaign will be locally adapted, the first time Disneyland Paris has not taken a pan-European tack.

When Euro Disney first opened, advertising highlighted the park's glitter and grandeur and its closeness to home for Europeans. The second ad effort used popular Disney characters, like Mary Poppins, Aladdin and Zorro, to attract visitors.

The main focus of the new campaign is on the visitor. One spot has parental voice-overs instructing an excited boy to get ready to visit the park ("Get up. Get dressed. Be calm in the car") and ends with the youngster thanking his parents for taking him.

Another follows a little girl and her enthusiastic grandfather as they enjoy park attractions together. During their day, her repeated voice-over guesses of his age get younger and younger with each ride.

Both spots end with "Someone you know can't wait to go."

Disneyland Paris officials will not disclose the spending level, but said more is being spent on TV than ever before. Estimates for last year's budget across Europe are about $50 million.

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