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Below is the Honor Roll of 75 students from the American Advertising Feder-ation's Most Promising Minority Advertising Students program. Following each name, in parentheses, is that student's stated field of interest.

Arkansas State University. Rashad Hatch (unspecified).

The Art Center-Tucson. Lucrecia Arguello (unspecified).

Boston Ad Club Foundation. Benjamin Anaman (advertising, photography, journalism); Dartan-yan Danier (communications); Sandy Dawkins (public relations); Christyanna Egun (marketing, advertising); Jacquelyn Flowers. (public relations); Weddee Neufville (communications technology); Maliaka Shepard (marketing, communications).

Columbia College (Chicago). Naomi Miyamoto (marketing, communicatons); Jemilah Senter (production, promotions, event planning, copywriting); Gerald Wallace (creative).

Ferris State University. Donald Kennedy (unspecified).

Fisk University. Rashida Shani Summers (marketing).

Florida International University. Gayle Joseph (creative).

Hampton University. Keisha Gilchrist (copywriting).

Howard University. Kenya Carter (media planning); Tiffany Gales (copywriting); Tara Martin (advertising sales).

Ithaca College. Kimberly Pieters (interactive multimedia, media planning).

Loyola University, New Orleans. Stacye Griffin (unspecified).

Marquette University. Mary Elizabeth Carter (international); Nicholas Louis Taylor (sales).

Michigan State University. Aurea Alday (account services, inter-national); Kristina Jenkins (copy-writing); Rahul Sethi (copywriting).

Pace University. Irene Isidro (unspecified).

Pepperdine University. Stephanie DePorto (unspecified).

Pittsburg State University. Keisha Dent (graphic design).

Purdue University-Calumet Campus. Isidra Ibarra (unspecified).

Quinnipiac College. Adele Yepes (creative/strategic planning, market research).

St. Cloud State University. Jeffrey Flahaven (unspecified).

San Jose State University. Gloria Fernandez (research, management); Excell Robinson III (unspecified); Kaisha-Dyan Taylor (business, creative).

Southern Illinois University. Halle-ma Ivory (creative, copywriting).

Southern Methodist University. James Bowling (unspecified); Jabari Hearn (advertising, marketing, public relations).

Southwest Texas State University. Natalie Ferrales (marketing); Dominique Halaby (communications, media relations); Maria Kimbrough (international marketing.)

Texas A&M University. Lisa Whitman (account services).

Texas A&M University-Kingsville Campus. Ofelia Hunter (administration, media).

University of Alabama. Kenya Cherry (unspecified); Docina Collier (creative); Tiffany Hubbard (media planning); Jeramie Simmons (advertising trafficking).

University of Florida. Alvin Lumanlan (account executive).

University of Georgia. Abraham Thompson Jr. (creative direction).

University of Illinois. Karina de Mello (account services); Susan Mang (account executive); Sergio Mendez (art direction, creative direction).

University of Kentucky. Strauzie Collins (media planning); Kimberlyn Davis (research, sales promotion).

University of Memphis. Nikia Johnson (copywriting).

University of Miami (Fla.). Wendylen Marino (account services); Yaidi Sotolongo (graphic design).

University of Oklahoma. Inga Harrison (print advertising, public service announcements); Kimberly Motley (creative); Natasha Prada (media planning/buying); Shannon Wallace (unspecified); Kenya Wilson (unspecified).

University of Southern Mississippi. Brenda Foong Mee Lai (media planning/buying).

University of Tennessee. Margaret Tang (account services-international).

University of Texas. Cathleen Chang (advertising to Asians); Sharon Dang (art direction); Monica Clarice Escobar (unspecified); Rasika Mathur (creative design, copywriting); Melissa McCann (advertising sales, marketing); Vicki Sarmiento (marketing communications).

University of Texas-Pan American. Cynthia Gonzalez-Ray (political advertising).

Virginia Commonwealth University. Cindy Casares (copywriting); Christina Chan (copywriting); Adrian Hilton (creative).

Western Kentucky University. Anthony Pfingston (graphic design).

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