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Larry likes to roam, and I'm his primary roaming partner," says a longtime buddy of Mr. Divney's, Jesse H. Jackson, known to the Comedy Central boss as "The Irreverend." By day, Mr. Jackson is associate publisher-marketing at Teen People, .

Roaming? A colleague at Comedy Central explains: "After partying all night at one of his favorite watering holes in the Village, Larry would decide it's time for the tour. A bunch of us would jump into his Jeep and he would drive us around New York between 4 and 6 in the morning."

"It was Cecil B. de Divney at his finest when he was giving his Manhattan road tour," said David Kohl, Comedy Central's VP-national ad sales and a Divney cohort for the past nine years.

Mr. Jackson's favorite roaming story is tantalizing:

"It was either Halloween or New Year's Eve and it had just snowed," he said. "It was the middle of the night and we were going to a costume party. I had a red latex suit on. Larry was wearing a leopard mask. We were toasted, and for some reason decided we needed to see the Egyptian exhibit at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

"We're in Larry's Jeep, and he's driving all over Central Park, and I mean all over. He's off-roading it in the snow in Central Park in the middle of the night.

"We were finally stopped by the police as we drove up the lawn of the Met. So Larry gets out, and he's got the mask on, and he's also wearing a pinwheel on the front that's spinning around while he's talking to the cop. And the guy lets us go."

While Mr. Divney still lets loose occasionally, " he's calmed down now that he's married again," said Tom Freston, chairman-CEO of Viacom's MTV Networks.

A few years ago, while Mr. Divney was hanging out at his favorite bar, Le Streghe, not far from his Greenwich Village loft, he spied a woman talking to one of his Comedy Central colleagues. He joined the conversation, and 18 months later Mr. Divney married the woman, Alicia Vergara.

Today, he's still a regular at Le Streghe, but he limits glimpses of his wild side these days to the periodic meetings of the Captains of Cable (known to its members by its acronym).

The group was formed more than a decade ago by Mr. Divney and his good friend Whitney Goit, exec VP-sales and marketing at A&E Networks, soon after both men were named in a top 10 list of cable's sexiest men.

The luncheon gatherings of Captains of Cable "are notoriously raunchy and X-

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