Dancing Deer Scores National Exposure for Cheap

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BOSTON (AdAge.com) -- Boston is generally devoid of outdoor political advertising as the Democratic National Convention gets under way, except for an
Photo: Ira Teinowitz
Patricia Karter of the Dancing Deer Baking Co. welcomes delegates with an outdoor display map that uses gingerbread cookies to show each state's electoral delegates. Click to see larger photo.

area around Quincy Market that seems thick with it.

Electoral map
One of the most visible and interesting displays there is a creative marketing effort by the local Dancing Deer Baking Co. The Dancing Deer, known for its homespun image and new-age sensitivities, has created a large map of the U.S. that uses gingerbread cookies to show the electoral delegates from each state.

The booth-like promotion is manned by Dancer Deer's president, Patricia W. Karter, who said she viewed the convention as a marketing opportunity that would allow her to reach a wide national audience for a low cost that could be calculated not in measured media but in bags of cookies.

With so many delegates and members of the press pouring in from all corners of the country, Ms. Karter indicated she was able to expose her company's brand and yummy products to a potentially vast audience.

DNC goody bags
In fact, Dancer Deer cookies went into goody bags the Democratic National Committee is giving away, and the map of the country and delegates has become a gathering point for discussion and debate.

The all-natural line of Dancing Deer baked products are produced by a crew of workers referred to as "The Deers," many of whom come from the inner-city neighborhoods of Roxbury. The bakery is located in a former beer brewery on Shirley Street and is known for such specialties as Brandy Soaked Harvest cake, Molasses Clove cookies and the gingerbread treats, which originally made the company famous here.

Ms. Karter's actual creative concept -- cookies as map markers -- has drawn the interest of a number of teachers who have passed the booth in the last two days. Several have indicated that they intend to copy her idea for use in their classes.

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