Executive Explains Double-Entendre Spot Aimed at Urban Audiences

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NEW YORK ( -- A Dodge executive this morning explained the company's new commercial for the Durango SUV that takes place in a men's bathroom and
The latest Dodge ad takes place at the urinals and is a joke about penis size.
features two men in a double-entendre joke about penis size.

The spot is aimed at urban groups, according to the company.

In a morning conference call to lay out the details of the new campaign for the sport utility vehicle, Julie Roehm, Dodge's director of communications, said the spot "has received a lot of attention" but "is done very tastefully."

Details of the ad, which will run as both a TV and movie theater commercial, were first revealed in the Oct. 6 issue of Advertising Age.

'This bad boy'
Created by GlobalHue of Southfield, Mich., the spot, entitled "Poster," shows two men posed as if urinating and talking about size in front of a small Durango poster hung between the two urinals. The discussion is misinterpreted by a man in a nearby stall. The dialogue includes the lines "that's big"; "it's seven inches longer"; "I take this bad boy out, I get respect"; and "my girlfriend loves it." After the voice-over says they're talking about the new, seven-inch-longer Durango, one man says to the other, "Come by tomorrow, I'll be waxing it."

Ms. Roehm said the commercial reminds her of the Herbal Essence commercials (done by Publicis Groupe's Kaplan Thaler Group), and noted that "Poster" is not out of sync with several other ads on TV.

Bible Belt, African-Americans cited
She went out of her way to say the spot has been well-received in testing by Millward-Brown and that it was seen as a great ad and memorable by "the consumer base in conservative markets across the country, including the Bible Belt." Ms. Roehm went on to cite statistics from the research company that found African-American viewers overwhelmingly found it enjoyable, that it cut through the clutter and enhanced the appeal of the brand.

Ms. Roehm said the "Poster" effort is a part of a campaign designed to "surround the consumer" with messages about the new Durango. The campaign for the vehicle, which is Dodge's only SUV, includes print, TV, public relations, video-game tie-ins and promotions, including one that asks celebrities to "trick out" a Durango for radio stations to give away.

The marketer is positioning Durango as having appeal to men and women -- women because of its comfort and DVD player, and men because of its towing power and hemi engine.

Campaign begins Oct. 26
Teaser spots, from Omnicom Group's BBDO Worldwide, Detroit, begin Oct. 26. The full TV campaign kicks off Nov. 15.

As previously reported, the urinal spot will run on adult-targeted late-night programming, and before R-rated movies during the Thanksgiving and Christmas season. It's planned to reach 2,100 movie screens and deliver 11 million impressions. Dodge also plans to put up posters like the one seen in the spot in bars and restaurants.

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